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21 Best Journal Prompts For Depression

best journal prompts for depression

Journal prompts for depression can help you write and process your thoughts and emotions if you are dealing with depression.

 Journaling is a great tool to help you relieve emotions. You can record thoughts and experiences. You can also look back on what you have written in your journals over time to discover patterns.

Does journaling really help depression?

Depression is different from sadness and you will need to see a professional to help you. However, the practice of writing it all down can make you feel better. Plus, you can look back at days you thought life was "over" and see better days after. 

It can help you become more self-aware and identify what you need to do to become your best self. It is a valuable tool to help you identify patterns and areas you may need to work on. A journal can help you keep track of your progress. You can then share this with your therapist if you want, to identify areas of improvement.

journal prompts for depression

How to write a journal for depression

The first step is to get a notebook or a blank journal. You can also use a digital journal or a special folder on your device dedicated to your journal. 

The second step is to start writing. You can write about anything related to your depression. Write about what you did today that made you feel good, what you are struggling with, and what you are looking forward to.

The third step is to write in your journal as often as possible. You can decide to write a few sentences once a day or even once a week. The more you write, the more self-aware you become. 

What are journal prompts for exploring depression?

What triggers my depression symptoms?

What can I do today to take better care of myself?

How do I practice self-care?

What activities can I add to my self-care practice?

What makes me happy?

How can I do more of the things that make me happy?

What are the 5 things I am grateful for today?

What are my wins today?

What emotion am I feeling right now?

When did I last feel this emotion?

Do I feel better or worse with this emotion?

Write about your happiest memory

What were the early signs of this depression?

What has worked in the past to ease this depression?

What is working right now to ease the depression?

What do I like most about my life?

What thoughts did I have today that I wish I did not have?

What do I feel guilty about today?

Who can I trust with feelings that make me sad?

Write a list of five things I want to remember during difficult times

Write 10 things about yourself you want people to know

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These journal prompts for depression can help you take an active role in managing your symptoms.

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