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Self care Journal Prompts for A Healthier Life

selfcare journal prompts

Self-care journal prompts are a great way to kickstart your journey to improved mental health and well-being

Writing down your thoughts and feelings helps you understand your needs and how best to care for yourself. It's about taking the time to nurture yourself. When we make self-care a priority, we are more likely to be happier and more productive. One way to make self-care a regular part of your life is to keep a self-care journal. A self-care journal is a place where you can track your self-care activities, reflect on your experiences, and set goals for your future.

Why is a self-care journal important?

 Keeping a self-care journal is important for many reasons. Some of them include:

  1. Encourages self-reflection and introspection
  2. Helps you become more aware of your feelings and thoughts
  3. Helps you cope better with stress and anxiety
  4. Helps you to track moods, energy levels, thoughts, and behaviors

How do you write a self-care journal?

The first step is to get a notebook or a blank journal. You can also use a digital journal or a special folder on your device dedicated to your self-care journal. 

The second step is to start writing. You can write about anything related to your self-care. Write about what you did today that made you feel good, what you are struggling with, and what you are looking forward to.

The third step is to write in your journal as often as possible. You can decide to write a few sentences once a day or even once a week. The more you write, the more self-aware you become. 

A self-care journal can be a great way to track how far you have come. By writing down your thoughts, you can work through your problems and figure out what you need to do to feel better.

selfcare journal prompts

Self-Care Journal Prompts To Get You Started

There are many different types of self-care journal prompts, but some of the most popular include questions about your routine, your diet and exercise habits, and your mental and emotional health. By answering these prompts, you get to discover a better understanding of your wellness and the best way to maintain it.

Not sure where to start? Try out these self-care journal prompts to get started.

  1. What does self-care mean to you?
  2. Write 10 things you consider self-care.
  3. What daily habits do you have for self-care?
  4. What weekly habits do you have for self-care?
  5. What monthly habits do you have for self-care?
  6. What unique things do you do for self-care?
  7. Does your anxiety feel worse when you haven’t done your self-care?
  8. Are you happy with your day-to-day life right now?
  9. What can you remove from your busy schedule this week?
  10. When do you often get lost in the moment?
  11. What activities do you enjoy the most?
  12. What daily rituals do you have for self-care?
  13. In what ways have you been gentle with yourself lately?
  14. How often do you allow yourself to rest?
  15. What quality of sleep do you have on a regular basis?
  16. How are you embracing a slower lifestyle?
  17. When do you find yourself craving more self-care?
  18. What did you do today just for you?
  19. What will you do this week that is just for you?
  20. How do you feel in the silence?
  21. How does the stillness soothe you?
  22. Do you enjoy spending time alone?
  23. In what ways have you been slowing down in your life?
  24. How have you been focusing more on yourself?
  25. What makes you feel anxious throughout the day?
  26. How often do you feel rushed?
  27. What habits do you have that are unnecessary?
  28. What areas of your life do you tend to multitask?
  29. How often do you feel bored?
  30. What do you do when you feel bored?
  31. How busy are you on a typical day?
  32. How do you spend your days off?
  33. How often do you take a nap?
  34. How often do you sit in the quiet?
  35. What are some things that make you feel exhausted?
  36. What distracts you from your self-care routine?
  37. How have you been putting too much pressure on yourself?
  38. Why is self-care important to you?
  39. What about slow living appeals to you?
  40. Write out a detailed self-care plan. 


Self-care is important for maintaining your mental health and well-being. Journaling is a great way to practice self-care as it allows you to reflect on your life and identify areas of improvement.

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