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5 Ways To Get Yourself To Eat More Vegetables


5 Ways To Get Yourself To Eat More Vegetables

Vegetables are essential to your diet. Not only do they provide the bulk of your fiber, but they also contain critical nutrients like vitamins and minerals to balance hormones, enable growth, and strengthen hair, skin, nails, and much more.

 You may not like eating vegetables but you can get creative on ways to help you eat more of them. Here are 5 easy ways to get yourself to eat more vegetables.

1. Blend Them

If you don't like eating them , there is an easier way. You can blend them and add to your juices and smoothies. All you need are your vegetables, fruits and blender and you can whip up a nutritious and tasty drink in 5 minutes. These smoothies can easily replace a meal like breakfast and still give you all the energy you need till your next meal.

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2. Make Vegetable Noodles

A fun way to eat more vegetables is to replace  your pasta with vegetables. Sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, zuchinnis can be used to create noodles with a spiralizer. If you don't have one, you can use a vegetable peeler. Enjoy your noodles with your favourite sauce and you will be getting loads of nutrients and reducing your calories.

3.Snack on Vegetables

Snacks help to fill you up before your next meal. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips, how about snacking on some carrots or cucumber slice? Not only will you get your daily serving of vegetables in, you also eat less calories.

4. Eat Them as Soups

Soups are easy to make, nutritious and filling. You can cut them up and make them into soups which you can eat alone or pair with a small serving of rice, potatoes e.t.c

5. Do More Meal Prep

Planning and preparing your meals ahead of time can help you incorporate more vegetables into your diet. You can buy your vegetables every week and prepare them for eating so you reduce the stress of going out to get them for  every meal.

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