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The Power of Setting Milestones for Goals


power of setting milestones for your goals

When you develop your goals and objectives for all areas of your life, it’s normal to start with the desired result, then work your way backward, creating the steps of achievement. Each step that you complete is a milestone. The advantage of setting small goals or milestones is that they show your progress toward your larger goals. When you know you’re progressing, it motivates you to continue reaching for your larger goals.


Simple Goals

When you set long-term and short-term goals, part of the process of goal setting includes action planning. It can be hard to understand how you’ll achieve a big goal without understanding the smaller simple steps necessary to achieve it.


If you want to lose weight, that larger goal will feel overwhelming, and you may give up because it will take a long time. However, if you instead focus on easier, simple goals like eating more vegetables, drinking more water, and eating less sugar, starting with that small goal will seem simple and feel good when you achieve it.


Satisfying Goals

 It feels good to finish and achieve something. However, if all your goals take more than a day to accomplish, you will not have very much satisfaction in your life because you’re always waiting for when you finish a goal instead of reveling in the journey. But if you set a small goal to get through today drinking your one hundred ounces of water just for today, you’ll feel much more satisfied sticking to your plans.


Clarifying Goals

 Even when you work hard to set goals using all of the tools at your disposal, sometimes the big hairy goal at the end seems fuzzy. But when you look at your accomplishments on a spreadsheet as you go checking your progress and celebrating the small goals you’ve set for each day, it can clarify that what you want is truly achievable and that you’re doing the right thing because you can see the progress.


Confidence Building

 When you check off something on your to-do list, even if it’s a task that won’t show results for another year, it will still feel good. It will also build your confidence and self-image. By enjoying the little milestones, you let go of the all-or-nothing approach that can deter even the most relentless goal-setter.



 When you set small milestones for each larger goal, it feels so motivating to mark off each of the mini milestones from your to-do list. You can see your progress and know that your actions will achieve the desired results. When you see it, you will keep going.


Develop Positive Habits

 One of the ways to ensure success in life is to build healthy habits around all the actions needed to achieve your goals. When you set mini-milestones, it gives you a heads up when something is going wrong so you can correct it. Then, when you have success, the positive habit will be fixed in your life.


Enjoy More Success

 People who understand the entire goal-setting process, including setting up action steps to do the tasks that get to the desired results, are the people who finish and achieve success. So, if you want to be an achiever, milestones may help you do it.


Milestones help you to check your progress so that you know you’re on track for the bigger goals you’ve set for your life. For example, suppose you desire to save 4.5 million dollars to retire early. You can choose to invest a certain amount every month so that at the end of the year, you would have invested your milestone amount. In that case, it will help you stay on track if you can visually see the impact your choices make and show you that your actions are achieving the results you wanted. 

Nothing is more motivating than success. Giving your mind hits of success every day through setting mini milestones is the easiest way to get more motivation.


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