Tuesday 21 September 2021

Why Playing Solitaire Is Good For You

why playing solitaire is good for you

Solitaire is a group of card games usually played by one person. It is also called  'Patience' in some countries like the United Kingdom, Poland, and Germany or 'cabale' in some Scandinavian countries.
It can be played on a computer or with one or more regular 52 card packs.

Solitaire games are a great activity to enjoy on your own because you can play them on a good online site for free on your web browser. Apart from helping you relax, playing solitaire can boost your mental health and, also improve your thinking and strategy skills

Benefits of Playing Solitaire 

Improves mental skills

Solitaire is a soft mental activity that still provides mental stimulation. The player has to analyze all the cards. They also need to plan all future sequences to help them win the game. Performing these tasks simultaneously and repeatedly can improve mental skills.

Practice essential life skills

You get to practice skills like delayed gratification or "return on investment". That is, sometimes it is best to hold your ground and wait, instead of acting in the moment to be able to collect more rewards later.
Solitaire also teaches the important skill of sometimes taking a step back to move two steps forward on the game, a skill often needed in real life. 

Improve memory and concentration

Having a good memory is not needed to play solitaire. However, improvement in memory can be noticed in players as they continue to play frequently. They unconsciously memorize the colors, suits, numbers, and even the order of the cards.

 Reduces stress 

Playing solitaire provides needed alone time to disconnect from problems and relax. Solitaire requires light mental activity that helps the mind to get into a light meditative state. This helps to reduce stress without shutting off the brain completely.

Although originally solitaire is played with a physical deck of cards, it is now popular to play the game online. This was made possible by the various game software and websites that have been created to play the game. Anyone can play the game anywhere, you just need your device and a good internet connection to play. This is just one of the many benefits of playing online.

Benefits of Playing Online Solitaire

Eliminates handling of physical Cards

When you are playing offline, you have to buy a physical deck of cards. You have to shuffle the cards which can be complicated if you are playing with two or more decks. But, when playing online, the software handles everything. You also don't have to keep any records because the software will keep detailed records of your matches.

Enforce the rules

You don't have to worry about enforcing the rules of the game because the software will do that for you.

Easy to customize

Some websites allow you to customize the game according to your requirements. The rules you select will then be automatically applied to the next game.

 Learn to play the game

Playing online is a simple and easy way to learn how to play solitaire. A good online game site will have simple instructions teaching you how to play each variation of the game.

Resources for playing solitaire

There are many websites where you can play solitaire for free on your web browser. A highly recommended site is Solitaire.org. It has an extensive collection of different solitaire game variations. If you have never played the game or you are still learning, this is the website for you. There are detailed instructions written in simple language to help you learn the basics very quickly in addition to a thoughtful FAQ(frequently asked questions) section for each game. 

They also have a large collection of other online card games, and fun online games like hidden object games, daily crosswords and so much more. If you get tired of playing solitaire, you can find another game you enjoy without leaving the website.  One great advantage of playing on this website is that there are no adverts to distract you while playing your games.

Another option is to install solitaire software like Microsoft Solitaire Collection which is completely free or paid options like Pretty Good Solitaire and SolSuite2020 on your desktop or mobile device. There are also many free solitaire apps for android and iPhone mobile devices in the app stores.  

What Solitaire Games to Play

 Klondike Solitaire

This is the most popular version of the Solitaire card game made famous by the Microsoft online game. The game became popular in the 19th century and may have been named after the Canadian region where the gold rush happened. You can learn more and play for free here: Klondike solitaire

Freecell Solitaire

Freecell solitaire is a  fun variation of the classic solitaire. The game compels you to use logic and foresight. Try playing here: Freecell solitaire.

Pyramid Solitaire

This variant was released by Microsoft as Tut's Tomb. It's now widely known as Pyramid Solitaire. Playing this game can be very relaxing. Try it here: Pyramid Solitaire

Spider Solitaire

Spider solitaire is a more difficult variation of the classic solitaire. This one is puzzle-like and will make you think. Play here: Spider Solitaire

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