Wednesday, 30 June 2021

3 Apps That Can Help You Sleep Better At Night

3 apps that can help you sleep better at night

Stress can rob you of sleep and keep you tossing and turning all night if it's not well managed. This can affect both the quality of sleep and the duration of sleep. The National Foundation of Sleep conducted a survey that revealed that 43% of people aged 13 - 64 have reported lying awake at night due to stress at least once a month. On the other hand, poor sleep can cause stress.

Reducing stress and anxiety will help improve the quality and duration of sleep.  Apps in your mobile phone can be a needed ally to help you get more sleep. These health and wellness apps contain resources like guided meditations, sleep music, and even courses specially developed to help you manage anxiety, stress, and insomnia. These three apps are some of the most acclaimed health and wellness dealing with stress and sleep.


This app's tagline is Be Kind To Your Mind. This mantra is perfect for when you are feeling stressed out and can't sleep. The app teaches you how to deal with stress and anxiety, meditate and live mindfully. You will also find sleep meditations, relaxing sleep music, and sleepcasts to help you relax and sleep. The app is free for the basics and charges a monthly fee for advanced features.


The Calm app is a highly rated app for relief from stress and anxiety. It has a wide variety of meditations ranging from beginner to advanced. The user can choose what type of meditation they prefer and for how long. This app also has an option for nature sounds which can be great as white noise for stress relief. It offers guided meditations, breathing programs, masterclasses, and relaxing music. This app is also free with in-app purchase options.


This app is based on the best-selling book 'DARE' which helps people overcome anxiety and panic attacks fast.  It is a training program to help people overcome anxiety, panic attacks, worry, and insomnia. One of its features is the collection of free audio guides to help you feel confident. You can also track your progress daily with the mood journal. The app is free with an optional paid subscription.

Your phone can be a treasure trove of resources to relieve your stress and help you sleep well. You may have to download a few of these apps to find the one you like and maybe even pay for advanced features. But, getting a good night's sleep and staying calm and productive is well worth it. 

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