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Juice Fasting: Benefits And Concerns

Juice fasting can be described as a special diet where you drink juices made from fruits and vegetables only in addition to water for a period of 3 – 10 days without consuming food. These juices are different from smoothies because they contain only the liquid of the produce and isolates the pulp and fiber.

Juice fasting appeals to many people, especially those that don’t like the austerity of water fasting. Advocates of juicing say it offers a lot of benefits like the one listed below. However, most of these benefits have not been scientifically proven.

Benefits of juice fasting

Benefits of Juice Fasting 

  1. Juice requires minimal digestion. The calories and other nutrients in juice require very little digestion, so the body absorbs the nutrients very quickly. All this unused energy is available to repair and rejuvenate the body
  2. You absorb many micronutrients.
  3. Your body gets a chance to repair itself. Without the stress of digesting food, your body is able to spend time and energy on other things that can enhance your overall health. For example, organ repair and removal of dead and diseased cells can become more efficient.
  4. You will lose weight.  One could very easily juice fast and only consume a few hundred calories per day. You will lose a lot of weight, as long as you keep the amount of fruit juice under control.
  5. Your blood pH will stabilize. The modern Western diet is very acid promoting. The body does not function optimally in an acidic environment. Many body processes are pH-dependent, and an incorrect pH creates a lot of work for the body. Most fruits and vegetables promote an alkaline pH. Some natural health experts believe an alkaline pH is among the most important components of good health.
  6. Greater mental focus and clarity are common when on a juice diet.
  7. You will likely experience a mood boost. Many people report feeling refreshed and happy during a juice fast.
  8. Your skin, nails, and hair will grow stronger and appear healthier. Juice fasters commonly report enhancements in these areas.
  9. Your heart and overall cardiovascular health will increase. It’s common for blood pressure to stabilize.

Side Effects of Juice Fasting






If you experience any of the symptoms below, it is advisable to stop the fast and contact your doctor.



Severe diarrhea

Low blood pressure

Extreme dizziness

Precautions To Take 

Clean all fruits and vegetables before juicing to prevent contamination.

Store any leftover juice in a clean airtight container in a refrigerator.

Clean all juicing equipment after juicing. Scrub your juicer and all its parts well before and after use because leftover particles can lodge in between the parts and get rotten.

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